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  • 3 Step-By-Step Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas
  • Post author
    Caitlin Doermer
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3 Step-By-Step Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas

3 Step-By-Step Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas

Halloween gives us the opportunity to flex our most creative muscles, but thinking of a unique costume can be tricky. In our opinion, the right costume is attractive, fun, and something that perhaps we haven't seen in the past. Usually, this requires a bit of makeup skill, but you don't have to be an artist or resort to highly chemical cosmetics to achieve a look you love. Here are detailed step-by-step instructions for achieving 3 unique halloween eye makeup looks: 


1. Prime your eyes: For a costume that relies heavily on eyeliner to achieve the look, you’re going to want to use an eyeshadow primer to keep your makeup in place through your celebration. Cate’s sheer, liquid Eye Primer goes on smooth and dries matte. We suggest applying with a sponge-tip applicator for an easy, mess-free application.

2. Choose the right brushes: To help you get in every crevice with the same desired vibrancy, we suggest laying out 3 brushes: a thin, pencil-like brush, a regular crease shadow brush, and a larger, more bushy blending brush. Switch between them as you like.

3. Apply the first shadow: Dab the first eyeshadow color into the inner corners of your eye, and extend across most of your eyelid, excluding the outer corners for now. We suggest starting with You're Golden Loose Shadow, as the consistency allows you to build color as needed, while the pigment blends well into other colors.

4. Apply the second shadow: Using a larger blending brush, place the second eyeshadow color on top of where the first shadow has begun to fade. Blend to toward corners of the eye, extending down to lower lashes, if desired. Our favorite option for a second shadow is Alter Ego Loose Shadow, again for consistency, and ease of transitioning between yellow and into darker pigments, like purple and blue.

5. Apply the remaining colored shadows: Using the same technique detailed for transitioning between the first and second shadow, layer any remaining colors vertically, extending up to your brow line. We suggest leaving red shades for one of the top-most layers, as to make the other colors pop.

6. Finish your look: For a complete look, line with Cate Gel Eyeliner in Black, lightly dust face with Cate Finishing Powder, and apply Volumizing Mascara.


Forest Nymph

1. Prime your eyes: Make sure your look stays put with Cate Eye Primer! It goes on smooth and dries matte.

2. Dab a green shadow on the inner corners of your eyes: A small hint of green delivers the forest vibe without overpowering the look. We suggest a light dusting of Kiss Me I'm Irish Loose Shadow.

3. Apply light pink shadow over the remainder of eyelid: Use a light pink, like Baby Pink Eyeshadow all over your eyelid, excluding the outer corners.

4. Get vibrant with outer corners of the eye: Play up on the dramatic, doe-eyed nymph look by blending a colorful fuchsia starting from the outer corners of the eye, up and around to about mid-eye horizontally. We suggest using Berlin Loose Shadow.

5. Finish look by lining with a deep purple: This nymph look is more colorful and smoky, so opposed to a clean black eyeliner, line your eyes with Violet Hour Loose Shadow. We suggest wetting a thin, angled brush, dipping in a bit of Violet Hour Deep Purple, and blending into the rest of the shadows along your eye.

6. Finish with mascara: Lightly dust face with Cate Finishing Powder, and apply Volumizing Mascara.


Punk Rocker

1. Prime your eyes: We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. It’s the best way to ensure your look stays vibrant. We love our Cate Eye Primer.

2. Apply illuminizer: Ensure your look packs a punch, by immediately drawing the attention to the eyes a strong highlighter like Cate Illuminizer in Mother of Pearl. Apply with a crease-style eyeshadow brush, starting on the brow bones and extending in toward the nose junction.

3. Follow with dark, shimmering dark shadow: Fade from punch-y illuminizer with a dark, shimmering grey/black eyeshadow like Smoke & Mirrors Eyeshadow. We suggest using the same crease brush, beginning your application where the the illuminizer begins to fade, blending down vertically toward your lash line.

4. Finally, apply black shadow: Generously apply black eyeshadow all over the remainder of your eyelid, being sure to extend around the outer corner of the eye, down toward the lower lash line. Our favorite is It's Friday Eyeshadow.

5. Line liberally: There’s only one choice here—Cate Gel Eyeliner in Black. For the most dramatic look, be sure to extend to the inner corners of your eye, and draw a wide line around the lower lash line.

6. Finish with mascara: Apply Volumizing Mascara to upper and lower lash lines as usual. 

  • Post author
    Caitlin Doermer
  • Get The LookGreen BeautyHalloweenHalloween MakeupHow-ToMakeupParaben-Free CosmeticsVegan Eyeshadow

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